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After my pregnancy, my breast reduced from size 3 to less than size 2. It is sagged now and it lost its elasticity, so I would like to eliminate this problem. Could you tell me whether it is possible in my situation?

Breast plastic surgery is often a sensible subject for many women. At the GRACE Centre of Anesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, a number of operations on restoring of the breast shape and size are performed. Your individual operative plan and the cost of mammoplasty in your situation will be established only after the detailed initial consultation on the basis of the data 3D simulation of your new breast obtained with the help of the unique equipment. Please note that there will be no additional charges as the operation cost includes the bundled package, namely, preoperative examination, surgery, postoperative care, and hospital stay at the comfortable inpatient unit. Restoring or improving the breast shape is an important event in every woman’s life that will help you to achieve the desired attractiveness. At the GRACE Centre of Anesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, there is a flexible discount system. You can learn about the latest offers at the consultation, by phone or via Skype. We are looking forward your visit to the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery! If you have any additional questions, you can always as them at any suitable time