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I am 28 years old. I had my breast size 2 before my pregnancy. It was size 3 during breast feeding and when I stopped, my breast reduced and now it looks sagged and hollow. How much could cost the operation to solve this problem and whether there is some discount system?

In your situation, there are a number of options and it depends only on you and your surgeon which one to choose. At the consultation, it will be necessary to clarify how your breast looked before the pregnancy and after the childbirth and whether you had any operations in the breast area. Taking into account the role the breast plays in the aesthetic and sexual sphere of life, mammoplasty is generally the preferred option for many women. Only a surgeon can decide whether you need to install implants having learned your individual situation during the consultation. The surgeon will inform you about the final cost after the initial visit. Please note that the total cost includes the bundled package, namely, anesthesia, hospital stay, examinations, and postoperative care. At our centre, you will know for sure that there will be no additional costs. Also in our clinic, there is a program Share the secret of beauty. If you bring your friend to our centre to improve her health and beauty of her body, then both of you will get a 10 % discount on the operation or service in our clinic. First, you need to have a consultation with a surgeon to plan the operation or service. If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them via e-mail or by phone at any convenient time.