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How much would the breast contouring cost?

The goal of any aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is to improve the appearance with minimal injury of the tissues and preservation of natural beauty. It is important to consider not only your desires but also the individual constitution of your body, the elasticity of tissues and many other factors. Only skilled plastic surgeons are able to establish a proper approach to the correcting your breast shape. After the initial consultation, the surgeon of our clinic will tell the total cost of the operation. The final cost of the breast shape correction depends on the selected type of operation (augmentation, mastopexy, reduction mammoplasty, breast lipofilling). The bundled package includes the necessary examinations, pre- and postoperative care, surgical intervention, and comfortable hospital stay. At the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery, you can be sure that you do not have to overpay and all agreed prices are correct. You can apply for a consultation via the site or by phone. Our professional consultants will contact you at any convenient time to clarify all the issues.