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I would like to know the cost of the hip liposuction and its duration.

Liposuction is a method of the body contouring allowing to remove undesirable excessive deposits of the fatty tissue. It should be taken into account that the cost includes the bundled package, namely, liposuction, preoperative examination, comfortable hospital stay, and postoperative care. To clarify the total cost, I recommend you to apply for a free consultation with the leading surgeons of the body contouring clinic. After determining your desires and problem areas and making an operative plan, the surgeon will be able to tell the total cost of the procedure and the date of its performance. After a comprehensive examination, the operation can be scheduled for the next day given that there are no contraindications. Usually, hospital stay does not take more than one day. You can apply for a consultation via the site of the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery or by phone: +38 044 499-70-00