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I would like to learn some information about breast reducing and lifting. My breast of size 5 has become sagged.

Highly qualified specialists of the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in the breast plastic surgery will help you improve the appearance safely and securely while preserving the naturalness. Operations on breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) and breast lifting are widely conducted in our centre. The cost will depend on the severity of ptosis, the desired reduction degree, and anatomical features. Only after a detailed consultation, a skilled surgeon will determine the individual solution for you for correcting the sagged breast and restoring its attractiveness. Please note that the final cost of the service will include the bundled package, namely, examinations, consultation with a gynecologist and anesthesiologist, preoperative preparation, anesthesia, surgery, and postoperative care. Apply for a free initial consultation at the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery to get answers to your questions! Apply for consultation by phone: +38 044 499-70-00