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What are the consequences after a breast surgery?

As is known, installation of breast implants makes the patients to feel satisfied. Nevertheless, like any surgical intervention, this operation also may lead to some negative impacts.
  1. The patient should know that the breast implant can tear and silicone gel can leak out of it. To correct this defect, surgical intervention is prescribed.
  2. Any infection present in the body increases the risk of infection in the area of the prosthesis. The patients with wound disruption, tissue erosion, ischemia or necrosis are at greater risk of infection in the place of surgery. To avoid serious complications, all infections should be carefully treated before surgery.
  3. Sometimes the non-cosmetic scar formation, breast asymmetry or displacement, its wrong size or undesirable contour as well as palpability of the prosthesis may occur. Detailed operative plan and careful choice of the operative technique at GRACE can reduce the risk of unsatisfactory results.