3D modelling of the result

Deciding on a plastic surgery without any hesitation may be hard for most
women. The main reason for it is fear and anxiety of a new shape,
proportions or size being different from what you had expected after an
However, the technological progress in the medical sphere is constantly
developing. An innovational computer technology of three-dimensional
modelling VECTRA XT 3D has been made to eliminate these doubts. This
unique system allows a patient to see his advanced body even before an
operation, omitting invasive procedures or other manipulations. Thus, it is
easier for our patients to make a conscious decision and to start a new life
without a second thought. VECTRA XT 3D equipment uses mathematical
projection and offers individual body correction options with saving its
proportions. This system completely excludes the human factor which
prevents the slightest errors that may occur. More than 19 million
successful plastic surgery operations in the world have been performed
with the help of the three-dimensional body modelling VECTRA XT 3D
technology, which proves the high level of medical credibility. Grace
medical club goal is to create a harmonious image and natural beauty
which fully meets your expectations. Our unique 3D modelling technology
excludes all the possible mistakes and unexpected results.

3D device allows you to create a realistic model of a desired breast, face or
any other part of the body and to find the most appropriate correction
method and technique. This engineering achievement allows us to identify
the perfect body contour, shape and size of the modifiable areas for each
patient individually, taking into consideration his body type and figure

Working with VECTRA XT 3D system consists of several stages First stage - second stage - third stage - fourth stage

Stage 1

Creating a visual 3D model of your body: 6 high resolution cameras take
pictures of you from different angles, then a computer programme creates
a three-dimensional image which is displayed on the monitor.

Stage 2

Correction of the area which you want to alter in the virtual reality mode.
This stage can be implemented with the help of a three-way cooperation:
your wishes, surgeon’s recommendations and versions offered by the
programme, taking into account individual anatomical features.
With VECTRA XT 3D system you get a perfect opportunity to modify
your body before a surgical procedure, to get a true and objective
appearance picture with its various correction options and to choose an
option you are interested in.

Stage 3

3D projection analysis of the improved body model, plastic surgery
planning and prognosis.
You will be able to take a look at the modelled area from all sides, to ask
the surgeon all your questions and to specify the details of the surgical

Stage 4

Two options of your body: before and after modelling, will be portrayed
after working with VECTRA XT 3D device.

Video about 3D modelling