3D modelling of the result

It can be rather hard for a lot of women to bring themselves to plastic surgery room without thinking twice. The main reason for such hesitations is the fear and concerns that a new shape, proportions or size after the surgery will fall short of expectations.

Technological advancements in medicine forged ahead. Innovative computer technology VECTRA XT 3D Imaging System was designed to eliminate any doubts. This unique system allows the patient to see his/her improved body before the surgery without any invasive procedures or manipulations. Thus, making a decision is a lot easier for the patients and allows them to start a new life without compunction.

VECTRA XT 3D system uses mathematic calculations and offers individual correction options preserving body proportionality. This system completely excludes the human factor, which prevents even the smallest mistakes. 19 millions of successful plastic surgeries have been performed worldwide with the help of the three-dimensional body modelling VECTRA XT 3D, which confirms the high level of medical confidence.

The goal of the Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery GRACE is to create a harmonious appearance and natural beauty to meet your expectations. A unique technology of 3D modelling excludes all possible mistakes and unforeseen results.

The VECTRA XT 3D system allows to create a realistic model of the desired breast, face and other parts of the body and to select the most relevant method and means of correction. This engineering advance enables to determine ideal contours, shapes and size of the body parts tailored individually to every patient wish taking into account the constitutional type and peculiarities.

Operation on VECTRA XT 3D system consists of several stages

Stage 1

Designing of a virtual 3D-model of your body: six high resolution cameras take photos of your body from different perspectives; thereafter, a computer program creates a three-dimensional picture, which is displayed on a screen.

Stage 2

Correction of the part of your body you want to be changed in a virtual reality mode.

This process is performed involving three parties: your desires, recommendations of a surgeon and options offered by the program consistent with individual anatomic features.

The VECTRA XT 3D system gives you an excellent opportunity to modify your body even before the surgery, get a real and objective picture of your appearance with different options of its correction, and choose the best option of interest.

Stage 3

Analysing of the improved body model in 3D-projection, drawing up the plan and prognosis of the plastic surgery.

You will be able to get a view of the simulated part from different angles, ask your surgeon all questions about any concerns you might have, and specify the details of surgical procedure.

Stage 4

On completion, the VECTRA XT 3D system will display two variants of your body: before and after modelling.

Video about 3D modelling