Dr. Andrey Smolnikov

18 years of surgical practice | 2797 successful operations
Dr. Andrey Smolnikov
A plastic surgeon, the surgeon of the first category, a specialist in ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics.
His key fields are minimally invasive techniques of aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery and body contouring as well as ultrasound research in plastic surgery.
The author of the unique sonographic methods of diagnosis, planning, and control of results in aesthetic surgery.
Andrey Mikhailovich graduated from the National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets majoring in Medical Care. In January 2003, he successfully completed the studies in surgery in a clinical internship at the Department of Faculty Surgery No. 1. In 2004 he completed the course of endoscopic surgery. In 2006-2007, he obtained an additional specialisation in ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics which allowed him to develop a number of innovative techniques. Dr Smolnikov is an active participant in scientific and practical international conferences, symposia, educational programs of universities in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Experience and knowledge of the surgeon are guiding stars that lead to beauty, health, and harmony of a patient.

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