Dr. Yevgeniy Donets

15 years of surgical practice | 3852 successful operations
Dr. Yevgeniy Donets
The first category operating surgeon. The plastic surgeon of GRACE clinic. Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,  International and all Ukrainian Association of Plastic Surgery of AACSISAPSUAPRAS.
The key specialization of the surgeon is breast surgery (endoprosthesis replacement, breast lift, reduction mammoplasty), blepharoplasty and contouring of various parts of the body (abdominoplasty , contouring of shins, hands) as well as tagliacotian surgery.
The doctor has developed the proprietary technology of a thin cosmetic stitch. Today this technique is widely applied by all plastic surgeons. The surgeon is also the author of the technology of shin augmentation (enlargement) due to which it is possible to reduce the time of operation and the duration of rehabilitation.
Yevgeniy Georgievich Donets has received a master of surgery from the Ukrainian military medical academy in major "General surgery". Also he passed practice at clinics in Germany, Latvia and the center "the Future of Surgery" which is based on the UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Doctor Donets is a permanent member of international symposia and conferences in the field of plastic surgery in Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and Latvia.

Sincere and honest attitude is the basis of trust
and mutual understanding between a doctor and
a patient. Only then the result will be expected
and completely satisfactory for the patient.

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