I would like to undergo the anchor breast lifting and breast contouring conducted by Andrey Kharkov.

Andrey Leonidovich Kharkov is the Chief Scientific Officer of the GRACE Center of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, a surgeon of the highest category, an active member of the leading foreign associations of plastic surgery. Surgeries on the breast increasing and breast contouring are his key priority areas.Any plastic surgical intervention is quite delicate and individual, so only after a thorough examination and consultation, the surgeon will be able to tell you the final cost of the procedure. Our clinic is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The period from the initial consultation to the discharge is, on average, 8 to 10 days. During the initial consultation, a complete laboratory and instrumental examination and 3D simulation of the correction zone are performed, your desires are discussed and your correct expectations about the real final result is formed. If after carrying out all the examinations, a well-coordinated team of surgeons and anaesthesiologists can guarantee that the plastic surgery course will be smooth, the operation can be scheduled for the next day. During the postoperative period, the postoperative care is carried out in comfortable wards (usually one day is enough) and the dressings are applied; the stitches are removed from Day 8 to Day 10.All terms can vary depending on your individual characteristics and the decision of your attending doctor in accordance to your health state.In order to learn detailed information about the operation course and the final cost, I recommend you to come to a consultation or contact us via e-mail, Viber, Facebook or Skype.We are looking forward your visit to the GRACE Centre of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery!