Medical Club becomes GRACE

The famous Ukrainian clinic of plastic surgery changes its name and enters a new stage of development.

After 10 years one of the country’s leading clinics «Medical Club» being working in aesthetic surgery, we have decided to provide a new meaning for our vocation. Thus, we went beyond the usual and considered ourselves otherwise. We have assessed our clinic on the patient’s side after independent investigations being conducted. We have considered the opinion of successful investigators of beauty industry. Also we have studied high world standards of medicine. So, we acquired modern trends of advanced technologies of plastic surgery.Read more

About the center "GRACE"

Having brought field-specific specialists with a large experience in the field of aesthetic medicine, the center «GRACE» became a leading one to professionally correct body defects and improve human appearance. Beauty will save the world. The plastic surgeons of our center will help you to do it!
The center of aesthetic medicine «GRACE» dispels all stereotypes about hospitals. GRACE is located in the historic center of Kiev in a magnificent mansion of the «Modern» style of 19th century.
Due to comfort, service of the high level, and the presence of one’s own restaurant you would rather feel as if you are in a first-class five-star hotel.

GRACE mission

Your choice depends on you. Especially when it is comes to such an important step as a correction of appearance. After all, the result of the operation depends not only on the embodiment of your dreams, but also on your future. Therefore, it is quite natural that you are worried: where to turn for help, who to trust your future and how to understand that the result will justify your expectations.

In addition, you have an unique and unrepeatable desire. We have not met two similar opinions for all our many years of experience. We were convinced that only an experienced specialist, a surgeon with aesthetic taste, can formulate and implement them. Since these two qualities are not only the guarantee of a successful result, but also prove that plastic surgery is the art of and impersonation of the image. A plastic surgeon, like an artist, will be proud of your happiness as an artist with his masterpiece.

We have never doubted this for 10 years of practice. Therefore, we consider it our duty to dispel all your doubts and rid you of all fears. For which they enlisted the support of the best narrow specialists of Ukraine in different directions of aesthetic medicine and created GRACE — the center of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.