Clinic of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinosurgery

The leading experts of plastic surgery at GRACE have been offering their patients operations that are

aimed at giving your nose graceful and harmonising shapes as well as correcting various defects of the

nose for more than 20 years.
Clinic of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinosurgery

The Head of the Clinic

Dr. Oleg Kompaniets

33 year surgical practice
12347 successful operations
Our approach to the nasal plastic surgery

The key principles of the specialists of GRACE on the conduction of nasal plastic surgery:

  • Creation of realistic expectations during the first visit.
  • Short and comfortable rehabilitation period.
  • The natural appearance of the nose after the operation.
How is the surgery conducted at GRACE?

  • At GRACE, the patients must undergo a full and detailed examination before nasal plastic surgery.
  • Anesthesia is carried out by the best anesthesiologist-rehanimalogist of Ukraine with more than
    35 years of experience who uses the drugs of the highest quality and least toxicity.
  • Nasal plastic surgeries are carried out using high-tech medical equipment from Germany, as well
    as modern and high-quality suture material.
  • Intraoperative alternative opinion is ensured by the fact that not an internship doctor or a nurse
    but another skilled doctor assists the operating doctor during the surgery,

Представленные результаты пластических операций могут отличаться от вашего результата в силу разных исходных данных.