Abdominal Liposuction

Deposits of fatty tissue in the abdomen area is a feature of the female body. In the case of overweight, this site undergoes the greatest changes due to which as called fat apron is formed. Long training and keeping to debilitating diets are not always helpful in the correction of this defect. Abdominal liposuction is the best option for obtaining the ideal body contours. The newest techniques used by the plastic surgeons at GRACE allow achieving the most effective result while minimising the injury of the procedure for a patient.

What is abdominal liposuction?
Liposuction is a highly effective method for correcting of the contours of the abdomen; it includes removing excessive fat deposits through a small puncture of the skin with the help of special equipment.

Duration of operation: 30-90 minutes

Rehabilitation: 2-3 weeks

Our approach to abdominal liposuction:

  • Selection of the type of abdominal liposuction taking into account the physiological characteristics of a patient.
  • Increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Advantages of liposuction

  • Stable result Liposuction allows you to preserve your new-made abdomen shape for many years unlike the results after classic weight loss strategies. It has been scientifically proven that the number of fat cells remains unchanged during the human life, they tend only to increase or decrease in size. During liposuction, fat cells are removed, that is, the volume of fat deposits is decreased. Other methods involve reducing not the number of cells but the fatty tissue itself.
  • Fast result It takes only one procedure to remove six litres of fat.
  • No scarring after the operation The only evidence that liposuction has been carried out is a small scar which is hardly visible on the skin.

Indications for liposuction:

  • Local fat deposits as well as a good elasticity of the skin which allows the skin to easily contract after the operation.
  • The recommended amount of the fat removed does not exceed 2.5-3 kg per one operation.

Types of Abdominal Liposuction
Vacuum liposuction involves the introduction of special tools by the surgeon through small incisions. As a result, the subcutaneous fat is diluted followed by its removal using a vacuum.

Ultrasonic liposuction is aimed at the fat destruction by ultrasound. The method is suitable when it is necessary to remove a large amount of fat on the stomach and is characterized by a long period of healing.

Soft-lipomodelling or sparing lipomodelling is aimed at the destruction of the abdominal fat by high-frequency currents and is carried out through tiny punctures. After this type of liposuction, you can return to an active lifestyle in 2-3 days.

Important facts about liposuction

  • It will take several decades for the fat deposition to restore in the area of liposuction.
  • Liposuction does not lead to the normalisation of fat metabolism, so after it you should keep to a diet and do exercises so that fat does not accumulate in other areas.
  • Your body weight will increase if fat accumulates in the surrounding areas. Such a consequence arises in the presence of endocrine diseases, hormonal therapy, in pregnant and parous women.

Potential complications
Complications after liposuction include bleeding, wound suppuration, inflammation, fat embolism, and asymmetry. Dimples and uneven areas may occur due to incomplete contraction of the skin or irregular cicatrization in the fatty tissue, etc.

However, the ten-year experience of the GRACE Centre doctors who use the high-quality technologies and medications and pay increased attention to safety minimise the likelihood of the above-mentioned risks at GRACE.
Specific aspects of the postoperative period

  • During first 2 days, a patient should stay in the inpatient unit a hospital and have rest. In the case of painful sensations, the doctor prescribes her painkillers. Also, it is necessary to take an additional amount of liquid in the form of mineral water (without gas), juices, or fruit drinks.
  • During 1 week, it is recommended to avoid intense physical exertion as well as sleeping on the back. It is required to avoid rough bending and turning of the trunk or lifting weights as this can lead to increased swelling and soreness.
  • During 2-3 weeks after operation, it is necessary to exclude fatty, spicy, strongly salted, and fried food as well as alcoholic beverages and exotic fruits from the diet.
  • During 2-3 weeks, it is required to wear special compression underwear.
  • During 2 months after operation, it is not allowed attending steam bath, sauna, solarium and spending much time in the sun. Also, active sports including swimming are not recommended during this period.

During rehabilitation, the patients should include food rich in vitamins, micronutrients and all necessary substances in their diet.

Self-preparation for surgery

  • 14 days before surgery, you should stop taking antibiotics and aspirin-containing drugs. Patients are advised to quit smoking and drinking alcohol in order to strengthen the immune system and facilitate blood clotting ability.
  • In the evening before surgery, you should not take any food. For safe anesthesia, the stomach should be empty before the surgery.
  • In the morning on the day of surgery, when arriving at the clinic, you should have comfortable clothes that not compress the hips, personal hygiene products, spare underwear, and all necessary documents and test results with you.
  • On the day of abdominal liposuction, it is important for the patient to be in a calm mental and physical state. During preparation for the operation, it is important to have a proper rest, keeping to a healthy diet, avoiding fatty meat, fast food, carbonated drinks and coffee as well as limited consumption of salt. In some cases, vitamins and iron-containing drugs are prescribed.

The course of complete rehabilitation

Day 2 Discharge from the inpatient unit. It is allowed to have a shower.
In 2-3 weeks Compression garments can be removed. Returning life to normal.
In 4-5 weeks It is allowed flying.
In 2 months It is allowed to attend the sauna, solarium, and fitness centres. You can evaluate the result of the operation

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
The duration of the initial consultation at GRACE takes, on average, 40-50 minutes. This time is necessary to hear and understand as deeply as possible all the needs and desires of a patient. After the examination, we will discuss in detail a patient’s desires and whether, according to the surgeon’s opinion, the operation will satisfy them. During the consultation, we always strive to help our patients to create the correct expectation about the results after liposuction.

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