Breast lift (mastopexy)

Breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical method of a breast shape plastic correction. No matter what your bust size is, there are some situations when it suffers from irreversible consequences: giving
birth, long-term breastfeeding, abrupt body weight loss or age implications. Mastopexy provides for excess loose skin removal and new breast-contour formation by moving the nipple to a more suitable position. Using modern technologies by Medical Club GRACE highly specialised surgeons will give your breast a new natural shape.

What is the point of breast lift?
The surgery involves glands’ tissue volume reduction as well as excess skin removal in order to
improve the external view and shape of the breast. The experts are reducing the areoles around
the nipples simultaneously with a breast lift.

Surgery duration: 50-90 minutes

Rehabilitation: 2-4 weeks

What is our approach regarding breast lift?

  • We select the most natural and “new” bust type taking into account the physiological
    characteristics of our patient.
  • We use unique 3D equipment to create accurate 3D models of future breasts.
  • We pay increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • We reduce the rehabilitation period by 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Medical indications for the surgery:

  • Ptosis (mammary glands’ prolapse) of varying severity.
  • Asymmetry of the mammary glands.
  • Chronic dermatitis occurring in the inframammary fold, swelling or softening of the skin caused by insufficient ventilation due to the lowered breast.

Psychological and other reasons for the surgery:

  • The breast sagged (breast ptosis), lost its elasticity and shape, the areoles lengthened.
  • The breast shape is naturally flat and elongated.
  • The nipples hang below the inframammary fold (located under the mammary gland) without a bra.

Mastopexy techniques

  • Periareolary LiftingDoctors resort to this method if the mammary gland sank slightly. In this case it would be enough to make a cut around the circumference of the nipple for a correction, neatly redistributing the breast tissue. The nipples move to a new place after that, the sizes of their aureoles change slightly. The scar is barely noticeable after the
    periareolar lift.
  • Vertical scar lift.It is performed in the form of an “anchor” and is used in case of significant breast sagging (3-4 degrees) and / or to reduce its volume. The main principles of this operation are: repositioning the nipple — areola complex on the skin
    pedicle flap superiorly, reducing the volume of the skin and gland segments, moving the outer and inner skin segments to the lower central zone. To maintain the newly formed shape in the correct position, internal (absorbable within 3 months) and external (intradermal) sutures from high-quality suture material are applied. Mandatory active wound treatment using special systems lasts about 1 day. As a result, a cosmetic scar is
    formed in the form of an “anchor”: around the areola, vertically down from it and in the fold under the mammary gland.

Possible complications
Potential risks of the breast lift surgery include loss of sensitivity in the nipple area, tissue
inflammation, swelling and hematomas. However, the experience of GRACE doctors, the
use of high-quality technologies and medication and safety approach at GRACE minimise
all the risks listed above.

Preparing for the surgery yourself:

  • 14 days before surgery,you should stop taking hormonal drugs. If you don’t have this opportunity, it is necessary to tell the surgeon about the systematic drug in-take. At the same time, you should stop smoking or minimize the number of cigarettes to 2 per day.
  • 7 days before surgery, you should switch to a light diet, without spicy and fatty food, and also stop drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • The evening before the surgery, you must refrain from eating.
  • On the morning of your breast lift day,, before arriving at the clinic, make sure that you have comfortable clothes with you that isn’t tight for your breast and that isn’t taken off over your head, personal hygiene products, an additional pair of underwear, all the necessary documents and examination results.

On the day of breast lift surgery, mental and physical patient’s state should be stable. Physical exercises are to be done in preoperative period: long walks, jogging, gym workout. It is vital to pay special attention to sufficient rest and a balanced diet. Vitamin intake is prescribed sometimes and medication containing iron is necessary in case of serious surgical interventions.

The peculiarities of the postoperative period

  • On the first 2 days, hospital stay and calm rest are necessary for the patient. The doctor prescribes painkillers in case of soreness.
  • Within 5 days after the surgery, you need to be careful in your movements and not raise your arms above the shoulder level not to cause excessive tension in the stitch area.
  • Within 2 weeks after the operation,it is forbidden to take aspirin-containing medicines. It is advised to sleep only on the back on a few pillows and to refrain from intimate relationships.
  • Within first 2-3 weeks, it is desirable to exclude all the fatty, spicy, salty and fried food, alcoholic drinks and exotic fruits from the diet.
  • During the first week after surgery,, physical exercises should be minimised, it is prohibited to lift any weight more than 3 kg.
  • During the first 2 month after surgery, visiting the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, and sunbathing is forbidden. Also during this period, all the active sports, including swimming, are prohibited.

The patient’s diet should include food full of vitamins and micronutrients during the rehabilitation.

How does the post-surgery rehabilitation go?

2nd day Hospital discharge, it is allowed to take a shower.
10-14 days It is allowed to use air transportation.
3-4th week Compressive underclothes may be removed, the patient returns to normal life.
1-2 months It is allowed to visit saunas, solariums and fitness centres.
2-4 months The surgery result can be evaluated.

A detailed consultation is the key to a successful surgery
The initial consultation at GRACE lasts 40-50 minutes on average. During this time we can deeply
understand all the needs and wishes of our patient. We always try to create the “right view” of the
final result at the consultation which is extremely important for a breast lift surgery. We use a
unique Vectra XT 3D equipment to create an accurate future breast model and simulate different
options of the final result depending on the patient’s wishes. In just 15 minutes the patient will be
able to see what her breasts could look like after breast lift and to adjust her view of future changes
for the better.

For any further questions, please call: +38 (044) 499-70-00


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