Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Sometimes, there are cases in plastic surgery when breast size needs to be reduced. This surgery is called reduction mammoplasty. Excessively large breasts can cause both psychological discomfort and many problems connected with health, including spine overload in the cervicothoracic region which is manifested by a long-term pain syndrome and posture worsening. Modern plastic surgery solves not only the aesthetic problems, but also the functional ones. Medical Club GRACE offers safe breast reduction while maintaining that size and shape that a woman wishes for, after discussing all the nuances of plastic correction with an experienced surgeon specialising in breast plastic.

What is the point of breast reduction?
The surgery involves glands’ tissue volume as well as excess skin removal, the nipple-areola complex is moved up and a new aesthetic breast look is formed. The breast is fixed in order to prevent ptosis (prolapse) in the future.

Surgery duration: 50-90 minutes

Rehabilitation: 2-4 weeks

What is our approach regarding breast reduction?

  • We select the most natural and “new” breast type taking into account the physiological
    characteristics of our patient.
  • We use unique 3D equipment to create accurate 3D models of future breasts after
    reduction (in some cases).
  • We pay increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • We reduce the rehabilitation period by 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Psychological and other reasons for the surgery:

  • Neck pain due to disproportionally large and heavy breast.
  • Posture curvature and back pain.
  • Skin rashes and irritation under the mammary glands caused by excessive friction due to large breast size.
  • The bra straps leave deep marks on the skin.
  • The breast sagged, became less elastic and the nipples “look down”.
  • Stiffness in movement, difficulty in performing physical exercises, difficulty in climbing stairs.
  • Psychological discomfort, intimate nature complexes.

Medical indications for the surgery:

  • Mastoptosis (sagging) of the mammary gland of varying severity.
  • Asymmetry of the breast shape.
  • Ptosis ( mammary gland prolapse while saving its size).
  • Post-lactational involution of the mammary glands (breast size correction after breastfeeding).
  • Congenital breast malformations.

Reductional mammoplasty techniques

  • “Periareolar” mammoplasty  is applicable in case of small breast ptosis (I-II degree) and the size of the breast in this case isn’t transformed. The ring-shaped scar is located around the areola. Minimal trauma, short surgery duration and fast healing of the postoperative sutures are characteristic for this technique. This kind of mammoplasty is aimed exclusively at improving the existing gland’s form without striving for the ideal. The surgery is combined with simultaneous prosthetics.
  • Anchor reduction  is the most commonly used technique in plastic surgery and is
    performed in case of pronounced ptosis (III-VI degree) and breast size reduction. To keep the new shape in the right position the doctors impose internal (disappear in the next 3 month) and external (intradermal) sutures using high-quality suture material.

Possible complications
Potential risks of the breast lift surgery include scarring, increased or decreased nipple sensitivity, swelling and bruising, inability to lactate, suture material and medication allergy. However, the experience of GRACE doctors, the use of high-quality technologies, medication and safety approach at GRACE minimise all the risks listed above.

Preparing for the surgery yourself:

  • 14 days before surgery, you should stop taking hormonal and aspirin-containing
    medication. If you don’t have this opportunity, it is necessary to consult the surgeon regarding further actions. Also, during this period, you should stop smoking or minimise the number of cigarettes to 2 per day.
  • 7 days before the operation, you should refrain from spicy and fatty food, and also stop drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • 8 hours before operation, you must refrain from eating in order to ensure the
    anaesthesia safety.
  • On the morning of your breast reduction day, take comfortable clothes with you that aren’t tight for your breast and that aren’t taken off over your head, personal hygiene products, an additional pair of underwear, all the necessary documents and examination results.

On the day of breast reduction surgery, mental and physical patient’s state should be stable. Physical exercises are to be done in preoperative period: long walks, jogging, gym workout. It is vital to pay special attention to sufficient rest and a balanced diet. Vitamin intake is prescribed sometimes and medication containing iron is necessary in case of serious surgical interventions.
How does the full rehabilitation go?

2nd day Hospital discharge, it is allowed to take a shower.
3-4th week Compressive underclothes may be removed, the patient returns to normal life.
1-2 month It is allowed to visit saunas, solariums and fitness centres.
4-5th week It is allowed to use air transportation.
2-3 month The patient can evaluate the surgery result.

The peculiarities of the postoperative period

  • The patient spends the first two days in the hospital.  The doctor may prescribe painkillers in case of soreness.
  • Within 5 days after the surgery,  sharp hand movements are prohibited not to cause excessive tension in the stitch area.
  • Within 2 weeks after the operation, it is forbidden to take aspirin-containing medicines. It is advised to sleep only on the back on a few pillows and to refrain from intimate relationships.
  • Within first 2-3 weeks,  it is desirable to exclude all the fatty, spicy, salty and fried food, alcoholic drinks and exotic fruits from the diet. You should avoid sharp bends, body turns and lifting anything heavy.
  • During the first month after surgery, physical exercises should be minimised, it is prohibited to lift any weight more than 3 kg.
  • During the first 2 month after surgery,  visiting the bathhouse, sauna, solarium, and sunbathing is forbidden. Also during this period, all the active sports, including swimming, are prohibited.

The patient’s diet should include food full of vitamins and micronutrients during the rehabilitation.

A detailed consultation is the key to a successful surgery
The initial consultation at GRACE lasts 40-50 minutes on average. During this time our surgeon tries to deeply understand all the needs and wishes of our patient. An important aspect of the consultation is to create the “right view” of the final result for our patient which is extremely important for a breast reduction surgery. We use a unique Vectra XT 3D equipment at GRACE to create an accurate future breast model and simulate different options of the final result depending on the patient’s wishes. In just 15 minutes the patient will be able to see what her breasts will look like after breast reduction and to adjust her view of future changes for the better.
For any further questions, please call: +38 (044) 499-70-00


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