Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

In plastic surgery, it happens that the breast size needs to be reduced. This surgical intervention is called reduction mammoplasty. Rather big bust may cause both psychological discomfort and a number of health conditions including the cervical and thoracic spine overload which manifest as prolongated pain syndrome and postural disorder. Modern plastic surgery solves not only aesthetic but also functional problems. The GRACE Centre offers a safe breast reduction while providing it the desired size and shape after previous discussion of all the nuances of plastic correction with an experienced  surgeon specialising exclusively in breast plastic.

What is breast reducing surgery?
During this surgery, the excessive glandular and fatty tissues are removed, the nipple-areolar complex is shifted upwards, a new aesthetic shape of the breast is formed with following fixation to prevent its ptosis (descent) in the future.

Duration of operation: 50-90 minutes

Rehabilitation: 2-4 weeks

Our approach to breast reducing:

  • Most natural new-made form of breast taking into account the physiological characteristics of a patient.
  • Unique 3D equipment to create an accurate 3D model after breast reduction.
  • Increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Psychological and other reasons of undergoing the operation

  • Pain in the cervical spine due to disproportional and heavy breast.
  • Posture disorder, back pain.
  • Shin rash and itching in the underbreast area caused by excessive friction due to rather big breast.
  • The bra straps leave deep marks on the skin.
  • The breast has sagged and become less elastic while the nipples are pointed downwards.
  • Restraint of movement, difficulties in performing physical exercises and climbing the stairs.
  • Psychological discomfort, psychological complexes of intimate nature.

Operation indications

  • There are several severity levels of mastoptosis (breast descent).
  • Breast asymmetry.
  • Ptosis (breast descent while its size is reserved).
  • Post-lactation involution of the mammary gland (breast size correction after completion of breast feeding).
  • Congenital malformations of the mammary gland.

Reduction Mammoplasty Techniques

  • Perіareolar Mammoplasty. This intervention is applied when there is mild severity of ptosis (I-II degree) while the breast size remains the same. In this case, the scar is ringed and is located around the areola. This technique is characterised by minimal trauma, short operation time, and rapid healing of postoperative scars. This kind of mammoplasty is aimed exclusively at improving the existing shape of the breast and not on creating the desired one. In order to create the ideal shape of the breast, this operation is combined with simultaneous endoprosthesis replacement.
  • The anchor breast reduction. This is the most common technique in the plastic surgery. This surgical intervention is applied when there is a severe ptosis (III-IV degree) and also for the breast reduction. To maintain the new shape in the correct position, the internal (resorbable in 3 months) and external (intradermal) stitches are put made of the suture material of high quality.

Potential complications
Potential risks of the breast reduction include scarring, increase or decrease of the sensitivity of nipples and breasts, development of edema and bruising, inability to breastfeed, allergic reaction to the suture material and also to the drugs used. However, the ten-year experience of the GRACE Centre doctors who use the high-quality technologies and medications and pay increased attention to safety minimise the likelihood of the above-mentioned risks at GRACE.

Self-preparation for surgery

  • 14 days before surgery, you should stop taking hormones and aspirin-containing drugs. If you cannot follow this recommendation, it is necessary to consult your surgeon about the further actions. Also, you should quit smoking or minimise it up to 2 cigarettes a day.
  • 7 days before surgery, it is necessary to exclude spiced and fatty foods as well as alcohol.
  • 8 hours before operation, you should not take any food to ensure the safe anesthesia.
  • In the morning on the day of breast lifting, when arriving at the clinic, you should have comfortable clothes that not compress the breast and should not be pulled over, personal hygiene products, spare underwear and all necessary documents and test results with you.

On the day of the breast reducing, your mental and physical conditions should be calm. During the preparation for operation, light physical exercises are recommended: long walks, jogging, training in the gym. Proper diet and rest are also required. The doctor may prescribe the intake of vitamins or, in the case of serious operations, preparations containing iron.
The course of complete rehabilitation?

Day 2 Discharge from the inpatient unit. It is allowed to have a shower.
In 3-4 weeks Compression garments can be removed. Returning life to normal.
In 1-2 months It is allowed to visit the sauna, solarium, and fitness centres.
In 4-5 weeks It is allowed flying.
In 2-3 months You can evaluate the result of the operation

Specific aspects of the postoperative period

  • During first 2 days, a patient should stay at the inpatient unit. In the case of painful sensations, the doctor prescribes her painkillers.
  • During 5 days after operation, rough movements with arms are prohibited as they may cause the excessive tension in the stitches.
  • During 2 weeks after the surgery, the aspirin-containing drugs intake is prohibited. During this period it is advisable to sleep on the back on several pillows and avoid sex.
  • During first 2-3 weeks after operation, it is necessary to exclude fatty, spicy, strongly salted, and fried food as well as alcoholic beverages and exotic fruits from the diet. You should avoid rough movements such as bending and body turning or lifting weights.
  • During 1 month, it is necessary to minimise your physical activity, avoid lifting weights of more the 3 kg.
  • During 2 months after operation, it is not allowed attending steam bath, sauna, solarium as well as spending much time in the sun. Also, active sports including swimming are not recommended during this period.

During rehabilitation, the patients should include food rich in vitamins, micronutrients and all necessary substances in their diet.

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
The duration of the initial consultation at GRACE takes, on average, 40-50 minutes. This time is necessary for a doctor to hear and understand as deeply as possible all the needs and desires of a patient. During the consultation, we always strive to help our patients to create the correct expectation about breast lifting. We will reconstruct the exact 3D-simulation of a new breast and simulate different variations of its final appearance using a unique equipment Vectra ХТ 3D according to a patient’s desires. Within 15 minutes, a patient will be able to see how her breast will look like after its reduction and make corrections according to her preferences.
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