Correction of Lower Leg Shape (Cruroplasty)

Cruroplasty is an operative intervention, which aims on straightening the legs in the case of their deformation, restoring the shape and volume of the calf with the help of implants. In general, plastic correction of the proximal part of the legs is carried out after the traumas or neurological diseases which are accompanied by the peripheral innervation disorder and atrophic changes in the muscles.

Restoring the contour of the legs and creating their right proportions is the primary tasks of the cruroplasty. The effect of plastic correction conducted at the GRACE Centre is guaranteed and maintained for a long time provided that the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

What is the lower leg correction?
In the course of the operation, silicone implants are installed in the calf muscles in order to increase the volume of the calf correcting the asymmetry of the muscles and bringing them to an ideal proportion.

Duration of operation: 40-60 minutes
Rehabilitation: 2-3 weeks

Our approach to cruroplasty:

  • Most natural new-made form of the lower legs taking into account the physiological characteristics of a patient.
  • Increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Psychological and other reasons for operation

  • Doing bodybuilding or fitness does not help you to get the desired shape of the lower legs.
  • The desire to visually increase the amount of muscle mass in the area of the lower legs.
  • Discomfort while wearing shorts or a short skirt due to the thin lower legs.
  • The bowed legs that the lower legs prosthetics will make straight and slender.

Operation indications

  • Bowed lower legs.
  • Hypoplasia of the calf muscles that causes an anesthetic discomfort.
  • Hypotrophy of the calf muscles
  • Deformation of the lower legs due to neurological diseases.

Silicone implants
The specificity of silicone implants is that they are given a lifetime guarantee. The density and other physical properties of the implants are not inferior to the human muscle tissue. They are resistant to external influence, so they will not need the further replacement. Silicone prostheses have different sizes, anatomical shapes, smooth or rough texture. Thus, the surgeons of the GRACE Centre select the individually approach to each patient.
How is cruroplasty performed?
During the operation, the incision in the popliteal region is made, then an implant is inserted under the fascia (connective tissue membrane for the muscles) that allows to fix the implant and make it invisible. As a result, the implant are invisible and impalpable.

Installation of silicone implants allows the following:

  • Increasing the volume of the calf muscles in the case of their hypoplasia.
  • Correction of the lower legs contour in the case of their curvature.
  • Restore the lower legs shape in the case of their muscular atrophy.

Self-preparation for surgery

  • 14 days before surgery, you should stop taking hormones and aspirin-containing drugs. If you cannot follow this recommendation, it is necessary to inform your surgeon about the systematic intake of these medications. Simultaneously, you should quit smoking or minimise it up to 2 cigarettes a day.
  • 7 days before surgery, it is necessary to exclude spiced and fatty foods as well as alcohol.
  • In the evening before surgery, you should not take any food. For safe anesthesia, it is required the stomach to be empty before surgery.
  • In the morning on the day of surgery, when arriving at the clinic, you should have comfortable clothes that not compress the lower legs, personal hygiene products, spare underwear, and all necessary documents and test results with you.

On the day of cruroplasty, your mental and physical conditions should be calm. In addition, attention should be paid to adequate rest and balanced nutrition. In some cases, the intake of vitamins or, in the case of serious operations, preparations containing iron are prescribed.

Specific aspects of the postoperative period

  • During first 2 days, a patient should stay in the inpatient unit a hospital and have rest. In the case of painful sensations, the doctor prescribes her painkillers.
  • During one week, light physical activity and walks are recommended.
  • During 2 weeks after operation, the patients should avoid drinking alcohol.
  • During 2-3 weeks, it is required to wear special compression knee-high socks.
  • During 2 months after operation, it is not allowed attending steam bath, sauna, solarium and spending much time in the sun. Also, in this period, active sports, including swimming, are prohibited.

During rehabilitation, the patients should include food rich in vitamins, micronutrients and all necessary substances in their diet.

The course of complete rehabilitation

Day 2 Discharge from the inpatient unit. It is allowed to have a shower.
In 1-2 weeks Compression knee-high socks can be removed. Returning life to normal.
In 1-2 months It is allowed to visit the sauna, solarium, and fitness centres.
In 2-3 months You can evaluate the result of the operation

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
The duration of the initial consultation at GRACE takes, on average, 40-50 minutes. This time is necessary to hear and understand as deeply as possible all the needs and desires of a patient. During the consultation, we always strive to help our patients to create the correct expectation about the results of correction of lower leg shape.

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Представленные результаты пластических операций могут отличаться от вашего результата в силу разных исходных данных.