Face Lipofilling

Face lipofilling is an effective way to remove age-related skin changes and improve the contours of the face with your own fatty tissue. This technique allows you to eliminate the defects without performing a full-fledged surgery as fat transfer is rather a manipulation performed under the local anesthesia. The absence of complications, a quick result and a short rehabilitation period are the main advantages of lipofilling at the GRACE Centre. We do not seek for public apprehension or undeserved rewards. Our priority is to create beauty for our patients.

What is face lipofilling?
Each woman tries to remain beautiful, attractive and desired as long as possible and this is not selfishness or self-esteem but is a natural urge and social standard. Although time is inexorable, there are always options and opportunities to remain beautiful. For those who care about themselves, the term face lipofilling is not a novelty but how many people know what it is and what it is designed for? Here are some explanations.

Face lipofilling includes injections of the patient’s own fat into various areas of the face for cosmetic purposes. This intervention is performed under the general or local anesthesia depending on the volume of desired modifications. The technique includes 3 stages: The first stage is sampling fat cells from the areas where there are excessive fat deposits (for face lipofilling, these are the inside surface of the knees, hips, and abdomen) The fat sampling is carried out with a special thin needle to prevent the blood vessels and nerves damage.

The next stage is the preparation of the sampled fat tissue for transplantation that includes its treatment with a special solution and centrifugation to obtain a substrate with maximum survival. The last stage is implantation of the purified material into the areas of the body that require correction. The important advantage is that the patient’s fat tissues used do not cause irritation, allergy, or rejection after surgery.

Technique advantages
Among the many positive aspects of this method, the following should be singled out.

  • Stable results over time
  • Moderate cost in comparison to other surgeries
  • Short duration (about 30-60 min)
  • Safety (as the own body tissue is used)
  • Short rehabilitation period
  • Complex rejuvenation
  • Performance (fundamental changes in appearance are visible practically in a couple of weeks)

Contraindications include only serious systemic diseases (oncology, diabetes, heart failure) and the presence of an infectious focus in the area of the planned correction.

Eye Lipofilling
Eyes and eyelids, like lips, are a priority in the list of the ideal features of not only men but also women. Expressive eyes and well-groomed eyelids and eyelashes, even without makeup, can accentuate the beauty of the face. However, there are some features that can spoil everything — dark baggy skin under the eyes, wrinkles (crow’s feet), sunken or sagging eyelids. That is why lipofilling is recommended for those who do not get good results after a variety of masks, compresses, and other methods of maintaining youth.

The injection technique does not differ much from lipofilling of other areas of the face, so the skilled doctor does not face any challenges despite the delicate manipulations. For this area correction, the fat is sampled mainly from the area of the knees where the fat is finely dispersed that ensures better survival. Anesthesia at the request of a patient. Upon the eyelids lipofilling, two injections are done: the first injection is performed in the area of the upper eyelids that will not only increase their volume but also serve as the base and support for elevating the eyebrows; the second injection is performed in the area of the lower eyelids, exclusively for giving them the necessary volume. It is worth noticing that along with filling the eyelids area with fat cells, the surrounding areas (temporal zone, eyebrows, tear fold) are also corrected. The rehabilitation period is short.

The only disadvantage is that swelling of the eyelids can cause severe discomfort; however, there is no real danger to the patient’s vision.

Lips Lipofilling
It is commonly known that the lips are one of the first features people pay attention to when meeting us. The very fact when the interlocutor looks at our lips and watches them moving during conversation is unequivocally interpreted by psychologists as fascination towards us. Therefore, the asymmetry of the lips, wrinkles around them, sagging corners, insufficient fullness negatively affect the appearance. Filling the lips with the own fat cells is guaranteed to improve the situation. For this manipulation, 5-7 ml of fatty tissue is required. Mainly, the local anesthesia is used however upon extensive manipulations, the use of general anesthesia is possible. After the operation, the temporary swelling and pain syndrome may occur which soon resolve. The lips do not require any further special care.

The positive aspect is that the operation results are permanent as the fast survival of the autologous fat tissue and a high percentage of its assimilation (up to 70 %) makes it possible to preserve the results of the operation as long as possible.

Lipofilling of the nasolabial fold
It is one of the classic techniques used in the cinematography industry: to emphasise the age of a person, the nasolabial fold is to be noticeable. This is rather unreasonable as it is statistically proved that many young people have these folds clearly noticeable even at a young age. Therefore, once the nasolabial fold gets more pronounces, the asymmetry occurs that requires being eliminated. Injections of fatty tissue can smooth them, make them less deep and, accordingly, less noticeable that will make it possible to look 5-10 years younger.

The amount of the substrate injected depends on indications (2 to 10 ml). The duration of operation takes up to 60 min. Discomfort after the procedure is minimal or completely absent; swelling and reddening of the nasolabial fold quickly resolve. The correction area acquires a natural look within the first month. There are no special recommendations in the postoperative period however many plastic surgeons recommend to avoid intensive physical exercises, attending sauna and solarium for some time.

Cheeks Lipofilling
Nowadays, a person is considered beautiful if he or she has a proportional and harmonious figure and clear contours of the face. Therefore, sunken, sagging or asymmetrical cheeks and the necessity to create ideal facial contours are absolute indications for lipofilling.

The cheeks lipofilling technique does not differ from other similar procedures in other areas. The operation lasts no more than an hour and, as a rule, is performed under the local anesthesia.

The postoperative period is relatively short and after hematomas and swelling resolve in, on average, 10-15 days, the final results can be evaluated.

Forehead Lipofilling
The forehead is a third part of the face, so its defects draw attention at once. Even few wrinkles can impair the general impression. Injections of fatty cells in this area eliminates not only mimic wrinkles but also improves the contours of a flat, inexpressive forehead. Forehead lipofilling corrects the sunken areas and recreates a smooth line from the forehead to the nose, significantly rejuvenating the whole face. Though the extent of operation is insignificant, the effect is immediately noticeable. The technique of the autologous fat injection in this area is almost the same and is carried out under the anesthesia; the rehabilitation period is short.
Lipofilling in the temporal area
The temporal area is the first one to lose the subcutaneous fat layer. Due to this, the sunken temporal area, despite all the cosmetic tricks, creates the effect of ageing. Lipofilling of this area allows the patients to regain the original roundness of the face and also to raise eyebrows and smooth the wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes.

As a rule, the postoperative discomfort is barely noticeable and swelling and cyanosis of the skin resolve in several weeks.

Chin Lipofilling
The skin on the chin that becomes thin and sagged is considered the first sign of ageing regardless any reason such as improper diet, age-related changes, prolonged illness, or chronic fatigue. Lipofilling in this area provides smoothing and restoring to the skin, regaining its elasticity and, consequently, youth.

Besides the aesthetic defects, this operation will also be helpful in the following cases:

  • Disproportionate chin and parts of the lower jaw;
  • Insufficient fullness;
  • Insufficient bone and muscular defects;
  • Consequences of various injuries.

Though chin lipofilling is a safe procedure, it is still a surgical intervention, so various methods of anesthesia are used. The duration of the operation depends on the severity of the defects in the lower half of the face which require correction. During the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to follow a number of surgeon’s recommendations on the skin care, avoid physical exertion and attending solarium and sauna.

Lipofilling at GRACE
To be good in everything does not mean to be the best in each individual case. The same can be said about plastic surgeons who while doing everything at once, are unlikely to be experts in any particular field. That is why the best doctors at GRACE are highly specialised professionals with extensive and successful work experience. Each of them provides services only in a certain field, so a patient receives an excellent result in accordance with her ideals.

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