Gluteal Lipofilling (Gluteoplasty)

Gluteal lipofilling is a plastic surgery aimed at correction of the shape and size of the buttocks with the help of a patient’s own fat tissue taken from another part of the body. Thus, this procedure solves two problems at once: removal of excess fat in one area and its simultaneous transplantation to the required area. Absence of an allergic reaction of the body, safety, rapid recovery, minimisation of complications makes gluteal lipofilling an excellent alternative to gluteoplasty. In addition, this procedure increases the elasticity of the skin in the operated area. However, before choosing the optimal option for you to correct the shape of your buttocks, you need to consider that the result of lipofilling will not last forever. Plastic surgeons of the GRACE Centre will help you to select the best technique for correction of your body’s disadvantages and carry out the operation.

What is gluteal lipofilling?
Gluteal lipofilling is an effective procedure during which the own fatty tissue is taken from other parts of the body and introduced into the problem zone.

If you are not satisfied how your with your buttocks’ appearance, shape or size, or if you have cellulite, then lipofilling is the best solution to this problem. This minimally invasive intervention will also help you to get rid of muscle flabbiness and skin fading as well as buttocks sagging or post-traumatic changes and defects.
Operation result
You will be amazed at how your buttocks will change after lipofilling. You would never achieve such perfect forms with training. Your buttocks will become elastic and fit. The skin in the treated area will become more elastic and soft. No one will ever notice that any operation has been performed, so the buttocks will have both natural and very attractive appearance.

Do not delay lipofilling for later, regain your beauty and youth today! Make an appointment to our clinic and we will help you.

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Specific aspects of gluteal lipofilling
Lipofilling is a quite simple and very effective operation. It does not take much time and it is painless. In most cases, gluteal lipofilling is carried out under the local anesthesia but in some cases (depending on the medical indications, health status and patient’s desires), other methods of anesthesia can be used (general anesthesia, epidural anesthesia, intravenous sedatives).

To perform gluteal lipofilling, no scalpel or skin incisions are required. All manipulations are carried out using a syringe with a thin cannula which excludes the possibility of traumatising the nerves and vessels of the subcutaneous tissue.

First, some amount of excessive fat deposits is taken from the previously determined body area (as a rule, from the abdomen, thighs, or area of breeches). Further, the fat tissue is centrifuged, thoroughly purified, and processed with a special solution to enhance its survival in the correction area. The final step is introducing the prepared autologous fat into the buttocks area to form their ideal shape. At a time, more than a kilogram of fatty tissue can be transferred (on average, 500 to 900 g).

Please remember that this procedure will not only change your buttocks’ appearance for the better but also change your body’s appearance in the whole.

Contraindications to gluteal lipofilling
Lipofilling of the buttocks is a safe intervention and has a minimum of contraindications. This technique is not used in the following conditions: exacerbation of chronic diseases; serious diseases of cardiovascular or endocrine systems; diabetes mellitus; blood coagulation disorders; infectious diseases; pregnancy. Also, gluteal lipofilling is not recommended at the age under 25 years.

The great advantage of lipofilling is that, in most cases, the rehabilitation period after the procedure is quite short (1-2 weeks on average) and you can be sure that there will be no scars. Another advantage is that when carrying out lipofilling, there is no risk of tissue rejection as your own cells are used.

Rehabilitation period
During the rehabilitation period, it is required to avoid physical exertion and attending swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, and solarium. Also, you should eat healthy food and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. It is very important to sleep mainly on the abdomen and wear compression underwear during the first month. After the operation, you must take a short course of antibiotics and apply compresses to the treated area. The good thing is that you will be discharged home on the first day after the operation.

Some time after lipofilling, a slight discomfort and small bruises and swelling may occur in the zone of injections but these symptoms will resolve in less than a week. In just 1-1,5 months, you will be able to fully evaluate your new attractive forms.