Face Plastic Surgery

Surgeons at Centre GRACE carry out various types of operations designed to once and for all rid of complexes about the "imperfect" face and neck, and also to eliminate signs of their aging and achieve a general rejuvenation of the appearance
About Face and Neck plastic surgery
Our approach to operation?
Key principles of GRACE specialists in face and neck plastic surgery:

  • Creating realistic expectations at the first meeting.
  • Short and comfortable rehabilitation period.
  • A natural, young and fresh face, firmness and beauty of the neck after the operation.
Operation in GRACE?

  • GRACE patients must undergo a full and detailed examination before the face and neck plastic surgery.
  • Anesthesia is carried out by one of the best anesthesiologists in Ukraine with more than 35 years of experience, which uses the highest quality and least toxic drugs.
  • Operations on the face and neck are carried out with the help of high-tech medical equipment of German quality, as well as modern and high-quality suture material.
  • Intraoperative second opinion is ensured by the fact that the assistant of the operating surgeon during surgery on the face and neck is another qualified doctor, not an intern or a nurse.

Представленные результаты пластических операций могут отличаться от вашего результата в силу разных исходных данных.