Facelift is one of the most common plastic surgeries in the world. If some figure flaws can be hidden by wearing a suitable outfit, the age-related face defects can be dealt with only with the help of plastic surgery. Facelift, belonging to the wide range of plastic surgeries, can not only remove the deepest wrinkles but also return the lost features and shape of the face. Modern techniques used for performing this procedure eliminate any age defects. An individual approach by Medical Club GRACE surgeons and the precise study of the anatomical features of the patient guarantees maximum efficiency achievement.

What is the point of facelift?
Facelift is a complex of surgical interventions with the purpose of age-related skin, deep facial structures and subcutaneous fat change correction.

Facelift helps restoring the natural youth effect, eliminating the excess skin associated with age-related changes, removing wrinkles, folds and adjusting the shape of your face.

Surgery duration: In 1-2.5 hours

Rehabilitation: In 10-14 days

What is our approach regarding facelift?

  • We ensure the most natural result without any signs of a previously operated face: we create the appearance of a person who has a healthy lifestyle and regularly gets enough sleep.
  • We pay increased attention to the safety of patients.
  • We reducing the rehabilitation period by 2-3 times compared with other clinics.

When is the surgery needed?

  • Loss of elasticity of the forehead and eyebrow skin;
  • The appearance of wrinkles on the bridge of your nose;
  • Drooping of the eyelid;
  • The formation of pronounced wrinkles in the temples and cheekbones;
  • Omission of the outer corners of the eyes;
  • The formation of deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks;
  • The appearance of deep nasolabial folds;
  • The omission of the soft tissues of the cheeks, the formation of a «double» chin;
  • The formation of pronounced wrinkles and wrinkles on the neck.

Types of facelift:

  • Ritidectomy involves performing an incision in the skin folds and areas in which the formation of cosmetic scars is possible. As a result, sagging of facial tissues is eliminated, and wrinkles are also corrected. Consequently, it is possible to get rid of 5 to 15 years of age. The duration of the effect after tightening is 5-10 years, subject to proper skin care, weight stability and the absence of bad habits.
  • Endoscopic facelifting is an innovative technique that involves the surgeon performing manipulations using a fiber-optic endoscope. The instrument is inserted subcutaneously through micro incisions on the part of the head covered with hair (maximum number of incisions is 5). This type of procedure is suitable for tightening the skin of the upper part of the face. The effectiveness of lifting in other parts of the face is achieved if the soft tissues have sagged only a little.

Possible complications
Suppuration, bleeding, thrombophlebitis (venous walls inflammation) are possible in the postoperative period. At GRACE the risk of these complications is reduced with the help of proper examination before the surgery and, if needed, medical preparation.

Also, the decennial experience of our doctors, the use of the best technologies, medication and serious safety approach minimise all the risks listed above.
Preparing for the surgery yourself:

  • 14 days before the surgery, it is necessary to stop taking aspirin-containing drugs that affect blood coagulation. Also, during this period, you should stop smoking.
  • 8 hours before the operation,  you must refrain from eating and drinking. The stomach should be completely empty in order to ensure the anaesthesia safety.
  • On the morning of the surgery day, before going to the clinic, take comfortable clothes, personal hygiene products, all the necessary documents and examination results with you.

How does the full rehabilitation go?

2nd day Hospital discharge, it is allowed to take a shower.
7-10th day the sutures are removed (in front of the auricles — 7th day, in the hairy parts of the head — 10th day)
14th day It is allowed to return to normal life.
In 1-2 months Saunas, solariums, fitness centres and active sports are allowed.
2 month The patient can evaluate the surgery result.

The peculiarities of the postoperative period

  • The patient spends his or her first day in a hospital, long rest is recommended during this time.
  • It is recommended to sleep in an elevated head position during the 2-3rd day, which will minimize postoperative edema and discomfort.
  • Within 7 days after the operation, home rest is a must. Patients must refuse to apply makeup and wash their hair.
  • For 2 weeks, wearing contact lenses, applying makeup, and blow-drying your hair is not recommended.
  • Within 3 weeks after surgery, exercises requiring a lot of physical activity are contraindicated. To minimize the chance of postoperative complications, low bends or lifting anything heavy, as well as positions when the head is below the body level, should be avoided. Excessive sun exposure is also undesirable.
  • Within 1 month it is necessary to limit smoking, it is advisable to give up alcohol, coffee and watching TV, physical activity should be minimised. It is important to monitor the water-salt balance compliance: to reduce salt intake and to normalise daily fluid intake. It is also forbidden to dye hair at this time.

The patient’s diet should include food full of vitamins and micronutrients during the rehabilitation.

A detailed consultation is the key to a successful surgery
The initial consultation at GRACE lasts 40-50 minutes on average. During this time our doctor will listen in detail to the problems our patient experiences due to recurrent changes and which need to be fixed. The doctor will examine the external face and neck characteristics and listen to the patient’s wishes. We always try to create the “right view” of the final result which is extremely important for the patient who decided on a facelift surgery.

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