Face Lift

Facelifting is one of the most common plastic surgery in the world. While some of the body contour defects can be hidden by thoroughly selecting clothes, the age-related defects of the face can be eliminated only by plastic surgery. In the range of plastic surgery techniques, there is facelifting, a surgical lifting of the facial skin that allows not only the removal of the deepest wrinkles but also regaining lost features and shape of the face. Modern methods of performing this procedure can eliminate any age defects. In combination with the individual approach selected by the surgeons of the GRACE Centre and examination of the anatomical features of a patient, this guarantees the maximum effectiveness.

What is face lifting?
Facelifting is a complex of surgical interventions to correct the age-related skin changes, deep facial structures, and subcutaneous fat.

Facelifting helps to restore the natural young features, eliminate excessive skin associated with age-related changes, remove wrinkles and folds and correct the facial contour.

Duration of operation: In 1-2.5 hours

Rehabilitation: In 10-14 days

Our approach to face lifting:

  • Providing the most natural result without signs of the operative intervention: the creation of the appearance of a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and regularly gets enough sleep.
  • Increased attention to the safety of our patients.
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Operation indications:

  • Loss of the skin elasticity in the forehead and eyebrows area;
  • Wrinkles on the bridge of nose;
  • Descended eyelids;
  • Pronounced wrinkles in the temporal and cheekbones area;
  • Descent of the outer corners of the eyes;
  • Deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks;
  • Deep nasolabial folds;
  • Descended soft tissues of the cheeks, double chin;
  • Pronounced wrinkles and folds on the neck.

Facelifting techniques

  • Rhytidectomy involves incisions in the skin folds and areas in which the formation of cosmetic scars is possible. As a result of rhytidectomy, the sagging facial tissues are removed and wrinkles are also corrected. This helps to look 5 to 15 years younger. The duration of the effect after the lifting is 5-10 years provided proper care of the facial skin, stability of weight, and avoiding of bad habits
  • Endoscopic facelifting is an innovative technique that involves manipulations using an optical fibre endoscope. The instrument is injected subcutaneously through micro incisions on the hairy part of the head (maximum 5 incisions). This technique is suitable for the lifting of the skin of the upper part of the face; the effectiveness of the lifting in other facial areas is achieved if the soft tissues have insignificantly sagged.

Potential complications
In the postoperative period, suppuration, bleeding, thrombophlebitis (inflammation of the venous walls) are possible. At GRACE, the risk of these complications is reduced due to corresponding preoperative examination, and, if necessary, drug course.

Also, the ten-year experience of the our doctors who use the high-quality technologies and medications and pay increased attention to safety minimise the likelihood of the above-mentioned risks.
Self-preparation for surgery

  • 14 days before operation, it is required to stop taking aspirin-containing drugs which affect the blood clotting ability. as well smoking.
  • 8 hours before operation, it is not allowed to take any food. For safe anesthesia, it is required the stomach to be empty before surgery.
  • In the morning on the day of operation, when arriving at the clinic, you should have comfortable clothes, personal hygiene products, spare underwear, and all necessary documents and test results with you.

The course of complete rehabilitation

Day 2 Discharge from the inpatient unit. It is allowed to have a shower.
In 7-10 days The stitches are removed (in front of the auricles — in 7 days, on the hairy part of the head — in 10 days).
Day 14 Return back to normal life.
In 1-2 months It is allowed to attend sauna, solarium, and fitness centres.
In 2 months You can evaluate the result of the operation

Specific aspects of the postoperative period

  • During the first 24 hours, a patient should have enough rest.
  • During the first 2-3 days, it is recommended to sleep in the elevated position of the head that minimises postoperative edema and discomfort.
  • During 7 days after operation, the rest at home is prescribed. Patients should avoid applying makeup and washing their hair.
  • During 2 weeks, wearing contact lenses, applying makeup and using hair dryer are not recommended.
  • During 3 weeks after operation, intense physical extertion is prohibited. To minimize the likelihood of any postoperative complication, bending and weight lifting should be avoided as well as staying in the positions when the head is below the body level. Spending much time in the sun is also undesirable.
  • During 1 month, smoking, drinking of alcohol and coffee and watching TV are not recommended as well as a physical activity should be minimised. It is important to maintain fluid-and-electrolyte balance: to reduce the use of salt and drink the daily norm of liquid. Also during this period, it is forbidden to have the hair dyed.

During rehabilitation, the patients should include food rich in vitamins, micronutrients and all necessary substances in their diet.

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
The duration of the initial consultation at GRACE lasts, on average, for 40-50 minutes. This time is enough for a doctor to learn a patient’s problems due to recurrent changes which need to be corrected. The doctor conducts the external examination of the face and neck and listens to the patient’s desires. During the consultation, we always strive to help our patients to create the correct expectation about face lifting.

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