Clear cheekbone contours are the key element in creating an attractive image. This feature makes the face distinct and eye-catching. Today everyone can improve their appearance and have their cheekbones made more expressive using the possibilities of plastic surgery. It is esy for the highly specialised surgeons of the GRACE Centre to change the size and shape of the zygomatic bone and the buccal area. Creation of proportional and natural facial contours by the best specialists of the Centre specialising in the plastic surgery of this zone is carried out after a comprehensive examination and discussion of all the nuances. Therefore, the client should not worry about the consequences of the performed operation as an impeccable result is guaranteed.

What is malarplasty?
Clear and expressive cheekbones give the face an attractive look, make it more expressive and create an aesthetic image in the whole. However not everyone has such contours. Many people have a flat or round face from birth. In addition to congenital defects, there are cases of acquired pathology of the cheekbones after suffered injuries, burns, or serious illnesses. Modern plastic surgery gives everyone a chance to improve themselves!

Advantagies of malarplasty
Plastic surgery of the cheekbones (cheeks) is a correction of the contours of the face with the help of the modern plastic surgery and cosmetology techniques which are aimed at reduction or increase of the cheekbones and transformation of their shape. To create the perfect facial contours, two components are important: the area of the zygomatic bone (the malar zone) and the cheek area itself (the buccal area). The proportional ratio of these two areas is the key factor of the ideal facial contours.

Malarplasty techniques

  • Liposculpturing (lipolifting, lipotransferring, lipografting, lipofilling) —is the contouring of the cheekbones using the patient’s own fatty tissue taken from other areas of the body (most often from the inside surface of the thigh or from buttocks). Operative indications include dimples on the cheekbones and cheeks area, correction of their asymmetry, restoring the fullness of a thin face after an intense weight loss. In addition to the main effects of lipolifting (improved shape and size of the cheekbones), the procedure eliminates age-related changes of the skin and facial muscles. The operation is conducted during about 1 hour under the general or local anesthesia. The greatest advantage of liposculpturing is the naturalness of the new contours of the face.
  • Elimination of the sagged soft tissues of the middle third of the face with the help of endoscopic equipment (check-lifting). This technique allows you to remove ptosis of soft tissues of the face, bags under the eyes, and a pronounced nasolabial fold. This facelifting has a rejuvenating effect. Duration of the operation is 60-90 min. This technique is absolutely safe and does not leave any visible skin defects.
  • Use of implants to correct the shape of the cheekbones is selected when the malar bone is insufficiently expressed. The implants are made of solid silicone which helps to easily achieve the correct volume for modelling the ideal cheekbones. Also, it does not cause adverse reactions of the body, is resistant to external influences and a durable. Basically, the access is performed through the incisions of the oral mucosa from the inside of the cheeks, so that there are no scars left on the skin after the intervention. The operation lasts no longer than 1hour under the local or general anesthesia
  • The contour plastic surgery of the cheekbones with the help of deep subcutaneous injection of hyaluronic acid preparations, fillers. This manipulation is mainly conducted by the cosmetologists. Since the technique is not a surgical method of correction, the main advantage of the fillers injection is an instant result after the procedure and the absence of a postoperative period. Even the swelling and redness quickly resolve. However, the improved cheekbones contours will preserve for not for long, for about 6-12 months.
  • Removal of fat from the buccal area (decrease of the cheeks). This operation is performed when the face has a round shape due to the excessive deposits of fatty tissue in the cheek area with deep nasolabial folds. Since surgical access is carried out from the inside of the cheeks by cutting the mucous membrane, there are no external skin defects. The operation lasts 30 minutes and is conducted under the general or local anesthesia.

Why us?
If you want beautiful cheekbones that will make the face more elegant and the whole image — fashionable and modern, then you are on the right way! Plastic surgeons are able to correct any defects. After plastic correction of the cheekbones, you will not only fall in love with your reflection in the mirror but also be able become a cover girl.

Preoperative stage
Any surgical intervention requires careful preparation. For an effective correction of the undesired facial contours, it is necessary to undergo a preoperative stage and exclude all contraindications, namely:

  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Decompensated cardiovascular pathology;
  • Blood clotting disorders;
  • Inflammatory infectious diseases;
  • Purulent diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Oncopathology.

Based on the detailed examination by the doctor and the results of additional studies and taking into account the patient’ desires, an individual treatment program is created. Future changes are simulated on the computer that makes it possible to provide a general view of the face after the plastic surgery of the cheekbones. Subsequently, the most suitable method of plastic surgery is selected. The anestesia depends on the operation extent. Usually, local anesthesia is used.
Rehabilitation period
After performing the plastic surgery of the cheekbones, during the first 7 days of the rehabilitation period, there will be bruising, swelling, and pain in the area of​the postoperative wound. Strict adherence to the given recommendations by patients will significantly shorten the duration of recovery.


  • Balanced diet. During the first week, the liquid food consumption is required.
  • Avoiding intense chewing. Any mechanical effect on the postoperative wound can worsen the result.
  • Periodic rinsing of the mouth with antiseptics, especially after meal.
  • No cosmetic procedures in the face area.
  • Avoiding attending of swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, solarium.
  • Limited physical exercises.

In severe pain syndrome, painkillers can be used. The stitches are removed in 7-10 days. The postoperative period lasts 2 weeks. In 1 month, the result after the malarplasty can be estimated. The final result becomes visible in 6 months.