Chin plastic surgery (mentoplasty) is the field of plastic surgery aim at eliminating the defects in the lower part of the face. Operation indications: chin asymmetry, post traumatic and congenital defects or the desire to change the size and shape of the chin. Even the correction of the angle of the lower part of the face significantly improves the overall appearance besides the created beautiful and harmonious shape. The use of implants to increase the chin and correct its shape significantly simplified the task for surgeons and patients. Your desire to improve your appearance is a priority indication for surgeons of the GRACE Centre to carry out the mentoplasty.

What is chin plastic surgery?
Mentoplasty (genioplasty) or, in plain language, chin plastic surgery is a very popular operation in aesthetic medicine and it includes the elimination of the defects with the help of the patient’s own tissues or artificial implants.

The chin gives the face strength and, according to the canons of beauty, should be set outside the facial area. In order to have the attractive and harmonious facial contour, the chin should be tightened, well accentuated both in profile and full-face, without asymmetry or sagging of the skin.

Many people do not like the way they look and often the problem is with the chin. As a consequence, complexes, self-distrust, difficulties in communicating with other people develop as well as the fear of starting relationships and moving on. However, this problem is easy to solve. With the help of mentoplasty, you can get rid of all these problems once and for all.

Indications for mentoplasty
Mentoplasty is a very effective and common procedure. It is indicated if it is necessary to change the shape of the chin, its size (if it is too small due to underdevelopment of the bone or, conversely, it is large and massive). This operation will help you to correct the face proportions and eliminate the double chin. Genioplasty allows getting rid of congenital or acquired asymmetry due to age changes. Often the patients after severe traumatic injuries require the plastic surgery of the chin.

For an experienced plastic surgeon, this surgical intervention is quite simple, although it has standard contraindications such as serious diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, coagulopathy, diabetes, infectious diseases, pregnancy, and lactation. The operation is contraindicated at the age under 18.

Specific aspects of mentoplasty
There are 2 main types of mentoplasty for solving the correction of aesthetic defects: Increasing or decreasing the size of the chin.

Chin enlargement is achieved using the implantation mentoplasty. This procedure includes the installation of an implant under the skin in the area of the lower jaw which helps to create the necessary size and overall appearance is the chin. Most often, artificial implants (made of silicone or porous polymers) or biological implants (cartilaginous tissue, the patient’s bone) are used in this area. The artificial implant will be selected in advance using a computer simulation program while biological implant can be prepared during the operation.

To reduce the chin size, bone mentoplasty is used. During this procedure, a part of the excessive bone or cartilage is removed and additional lifting of the facial muscles and skin is conducted that allows not only to correct the size but also to give an ideal shape to the chin and entire face.

To correct small defects of the chin, contour plastic surgery is used as that includes the introduction of own fatty tissue (lipofilling) or gel fillers (mainly based on hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite) in the problem areas to achieve the desired image. With the help of this technique, not only the size but also the shape is changed due to the injection of an additional volume of tissue.

Detailed review of the operation
To eliminate the double chin, both cosmetic (mesotherapy, phonophoresis, LPG massage, RF chronology) and surgical methods are used. However, the most effective is still liposuction when the excessive subcutaneous fat is removed through small incisions. At the request of the client, simultaneously with liposuction, it is possible to remove the excessive loose and sagged skin in the neck area which will allow to emphasize the cervicofacial angle and smooth the wrinkles.

Regardless of the type of intervention, preoperative consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is required to address the issues of an individual treatment plan, to select a surgical technique and the scope of the examination. The operation itself is painless as anesthesia is used. Each patient will be selected the method of anesthesia depending on her medical indications and her opinion. The types of anesthesia used: Local anesthesia and various types of general anesthesia.

Rehabilitation period
The rehabilitation period takes from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the operation. The most prolonged recovery period is after the bone mentoplasty. For 2-4 weeks, discomfort, swelling, and soreness may persist and small bruises remain.

In most cases, a long hospital stay after the procedure of mentoplasty is not required. But, a few more months you will be recommended to follow some simple rules.

It is necessary to keep to a diet, oral hygiene, avoid smoking or abusing alcohol as well as physical exertion. It is very important to keep the head in an elevated position even during sleep: this accelerates the reduction of swelling.

For 7-10 days after the operation, it is necessary to take a course of antibiotics.

Operation result
Chin plastic surgery is a very effective procedure, its final result can be visible only a few weeks after the operation (immediately after the edema resolves) and this effect is lifelong.

Do not be afraid of mentoplasty and do not delay the visit to the doctor for later. Get rid of the complexes! Be beautiful! Make an appointment to our clinic and we will help you.