Neck Lift

In pursuit of eternal youth, women often forget about the age-related changes of the neck area which can give out the real age. Aesthetic medicine has found an effective solution to the problem of sagged skin and soft tissues in the area of the chin and neck. Platysmoplasty is a plastic surgery technique which includes the correction of the defects in this area. Elimination of the flabbiness of the skin and muscles as well as wrinkles, removal of the double chin, correction of the angle of the lower part of the face, restoration of the elasticity and natural beauty are the end results of a successful neck lifting. At the GRACE Centre, you can improve your appearance after preliminary consultation with the leading plastic surgeons specialising exclusively in the plastic surgery of the face and neck area.

What is platysmaplasty?
Neck plastic surgery (platysmaplasty) is a plastic surgery aimed at eliminating the age-related changes in the neck area and restoring the contour of the lower part of the face. During the operation, the plastic surgeon sutures the edges of the platism.

If there are indications, the platysmoplasty can be combined with:

  • Liposuction (removal of the local fat deposits).
  • Lifting of the skin in the neck area (the excessive skin is removed and wrinkles are eliminated).
  • Facelifting (wrinkles are removed and new facial contours are created).

Operation indications
Platysmoplasty is indicated if there are the following problems:

  • Sagged skin in the neck area (so-called turkey neck). These changes occur when the edges of the platism diverge.
  • Double chin. It can be formed due to the sagging skin or local deposits of adipose tissue. The procedure for its elimination is often combined with liposuction.
  • The age-related changes of the skin in the neck area due to which it loses its elasticity, becomes flabby and wrinkled.

Operation course
If a patient decided to undergo a plastic surgery of the neck, first she should apply for the initial consultation with our plastic surgeon. This can be done by phone which can be found on our site. The preoperative examination includes the following:

  • Common blood analysis;
  • Common urine analysis;
  • Coagulogram;
  • Determination the blood group and Rhesus;
  • Blood biochemistry;
  • Ultrasound of the internal organs;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • X-ray study of the lungs.

Platysmoplasty is performed under the general anesthesia and is painless for a patient. After receiving the results of the examinations, the anesthetist selects suitable drugs for general anesthesia and, if necessary, makes an allergic test. Then the plastic surgeon appoints the date of the operation.

Contraindications to operation
Platysmoplasty is a full-fledged surgical intervention which has its contraindications as follows:

  • Any infectious diseases of viral, bacterial, or fungal nature. The date of the plastisoplasty is postponed until the full recovery
  • Health conditions in which general anesthesia is contraindicated,

such as:

  • Renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • cardiac malformations;
  • Ischemic disease;
  • Hypertensive disease;
  • Type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Coagulation failures;
  • Disease of the thyroid gland (diffused toxic goitre, thyroiditis).
  • Oncological diseases.

Duration of operation
The duration of operation depends on its extent as well as on its complexity and lasts, on average, 30 to 60 min.
Specific aspects of the rehabilitation period
The hospital stay after the neck plastic surgery lasts 24 hours. Immediately after the operation is completed, a modelling adhesive bandage (Steri-strip or Micropor) is applied It should be worn for 5 days. He stitches are removed on between Day 7 and Day 10. During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended:

  • To wear a special bandage for 2-3 weeks that will maintain the correct shape and contours of the neck.
  • To visit the Clinic to change the dressings and undergo the examinations by the doctor.
  • To avoid attending sauna, solarium, gym, and swimming pool.
  • Prevent the operated area from moisture.
  • To limit the consumption of salt which holds up the liquid in the body and increases the swelling.

Potential complications
After the plastic surgery in the neck area, the complications are rare. Usually they develop when not following the surgeon’ recommendations. These complications include:

  • Subcutaneous hematoma in the operated area.
  • Infection of the wound with subsequent poor healing.
  • Scarring and civilisation.

The result
The result after platysmoplasty can be estimated 1-2 months after the operation. At the final examination by the doctor, the patient will be able to see that the contours of her neck have become more beautiful, the skin has regained its elasticity and tightened.