Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology Surgery

The clinic of intimate plastic surgery at GRACE Centre is the only clinic in Ukraine that provides a full

range of medical services in the field of genital rejuvenation of women, recovery after pregnancy and

childbirth, enhancement of female sexuality and organicity. We offer you the most modern, safe, and

proven methods of intimate plastics.
Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology Surgery

The Head of the Clinic

Dr. Tatyana Shevchuk

23 year surgical practice
5230 successful operations
Intimate plastic surgery at GRACE Centre

One of the trends in the healthy lifestyle of modern women is the demanding attitude towards the beauty
of the intimate area, the desire to be healthy and feel sexy and desirable. This is the key difference
between aesthetic gynecology and other fields of beauty medicine. After all, for the correct aesthetics of
the face or, say, the stomach, the ‘picture’, proportions are more important. Then, as the goal of aesthetic
gynecology is not only the re-creation of the external harmony of the female intimate sphere but also the
restoration and maintenance of sexual function which is very significant for both partners.
Specific aspect of surgery in the Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery

  • The staff will help you to select optimal scope and type of the surgery to achieve the natural
    appearance of the intimate area after the operation.
  • You can take advantage of a short and comfortable rehabilitation period
  • Before the operation, you will undergo a full and maximum detailed examination of your health
  • The operation will be performed by the best specialists with the help of high-tech medical
    equipment from Germany as well as modern and high-quality suture material.

Представленные результаты пластических операций могут отличаться от вашего результата в силу разных исходных данных.