Augmentation (filling) of the G-spot

G-spot is a localised place on the anterior wall of the vagina where a large number of nerve terminations is concentrated. Irritation of this area is accompanied by a strong sexual arousal. In some cases, anatomical features of the vagina make stimulation of the G-spot difficult.

To solve this problem, a technique called augmentation has been created to increase this zone with the help of hyaluronic acid. This manipulation is carried out at GRACE by the recognised specialists in the field of intimate plastic surgery and it makes the G-spot more accessible, hence, promotes the improvement of sexual sensations.

What is augmentation of the G-spot?
This is an intimate procedure that includes administration of hyaluronic acid into this zone in order to give increase the volume and size of the G-spot.

Duration of surgery:10-15 minute

Rehabilitation: none

Our approach to the augmentation of the G-spot

  • High-quality materials and instruments are used for this procedure
  • You will be provided increased attention to your safety
  • Rehabilitation period is reduced 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics

Indications to the augmentation of the G-spot:

  • Congenital curved shape of the vagina in which the access to point G is difficult or absent.
  • Increased volume of the vagina due to which the G-spot is not available for proper stimulation.
  • Urinary incontinence due to the increased urethral mobility.
  • Reduced libido, insufficient sexual satisfaction of a woman.

The course of rehabilitation?
The complete rehabilitation will take 1-3 days during which the Patient may feel minor pain or discomfort in the vagina. During this period, sexual abstinence is required and this is the only restriction during rehabilitation.

The result of augmentation of the G-spot persists on average for 6 months however it depends on the individual characteristics of the body. To maintain sensitivity for as long as possible, supportive injections are recommended every 3 months.

How is augmentation of the G-spot performed?
The procedure is conducted under the local anesthesia. The anterior wall of the vagina is treated with an antiseptic solution, then the gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid is injected into the submucosal tissue of the G-spot area. Filled with the gel, the G-spot substantially increases in volume and becomes constantly accessible for stimulation during sexual intercourse. Thus, a woman quickly reaches a vaginal orgasm while is now more deep and intense.

In addition, the presence of the gel into the G-spot zone helps to reduce the hypermobility of the urethra which is the main cause of urinary incontinence. Therefore, augmentation contributes to the simultaneous solution of two problems. After the procedure, the blood supply to the tissues of the women external genitalia is increased, the healing is quick and the visible scars are absent.

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
Preparation for the procedure includes consultation with the Head of the Department of Aesthetic Gynecology at GRACE, a Candidate of Medical Sciences, a gynecologist-endocrinologist with 20 years of experience, a doctor of the highest category, a member of international medical organizations who should make sure that a woman requires this procedure and is ready for it psychologically and physically.

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