Contour plastic surgery of the vulva(intimate filling)

To date, the creation of an ideal intimate area is a popular procedure among women. The contour plastic surgery of the vulva allows correcting the defects of the external genital organs structure, restoring their natural and harmonious appearance. Reconstructive modelling of the labia is performed under the careful supervision of a specialist. The procedure is carried out within a few minutes, and you can enjoy the result for a long time.

The use of only high-quality preparations in GRACE Centre guarantees the high efficiency of the contour surgery of the vulva.

What is vulva plastic surgery?
Intimate contour plastics is a cosmetological procedure that includes injection of natural fillers into the skin of the genitalia. Cosmetological rejuvenation of the external genitalia is aimed at bringing their parameters to the standards of a young, nulliparous woman without surgical intervention.

Duration of surgery: an average of 30 minutes

Rehabilitation:10-12 days

Our approach to the contour plastic surgery of the vulva

  • Choosing of the most natural and natural ultimate results taking into account the physiological characteristics of a patient.
  • Special attention to the patient safety. Follow-up the patient by a leading anesthesiologist of Ukraine.
  • Conducting contour plastic surgery in the most comfortable conditions under the local anesthesia.
  • Use of creams with lidocaine that are pre-applied in the area of intervention.
  • Use of fillers that contain an anesthetic reducing painful sensations both during and after their  administration.
  • Reduction of the rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Indications for surgery

  • Aesthetic dissatisfaction with the appearance of genitalia. Flabbiness, decrease in turgor, sagging skin of the vagina.
  • Previous birth, surgical or traumatic injuries of the vulva and vagina.
  • Asymmetry and/or congenital hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of the labia.
  • Age-related changes in the genitals.
  • Atrophy (kraurosis) of the vulva.
  • After losing weight.
  • Impairment or lack of orgasm and sexual satisfaction.
  • The desire to improve the shape of genitalia without surgical intervention or in the case of contraindications to it.

Vulva contouring
Intimate contouring is a cosmetological procedure that includes injection of natural fillers into the skin of the genitals.

Restoring the normal contours of the female body, we also achieve their high functionality and sexual attractiveness as the skin of the genitals undergoes the same changes as the skin of the face, décolleté or other areas. So with age, the usual ageing processes take place accelerating during pregnancy and childbirth. Lack of the turgor and flabbiness of the vulva skin, as well as the aesthetic defect, also have great functional significance. The insufficient tone of the labia reduces the filling and tension of the vestibule of the vagina during sexual intercourse that worsens the quality of sexual life and orgasm for both partners.

What fillers are used?
For intimate contouring are used the fillers on the basis of natural hyaluronic acid which forms the structure of the connective tissue and participates in the processes of recovery and healing. Therefore, such drugs are not rejected, they do not cause allergic reactions or distribute in other tissues, and eventually undergo biodegradation (resorption).

It is also very important that hyaluronic acid is a biologically active substance that changes its properties depending on the physiological state of the body. So, with sexual arousal and blood flow to the genitals, it facilitates  retention of fluid leading to increased turgor and elasticity of the vulva and vagina tissues and makes intimate relationships deeper.
Will I need a re-correction?
The natural composition of fillers and their easy biodegradation (resorption) over time often leads to repeated corrections. Although, the need for them in the intimate zone is much lower and re-correction in performed less often than, for example, on the face.

The duration of the aesthetic effect after intimate filling lasts on average from 6 to 18 months and depends on many factors (age, the hormonal profile of a woman, frequency of sexual activity, subsequent pregnancies and births, etc.).

Possible complications
The contouring procedure is absolutely safe and does not cause serious complications. Only insignificant discomfort in the treated area is possible for several days.
What do I need to know about rehabilitation?
What do I need to know about rehabilitation?

During 3 days after intimate filling, it is advisable to avoid heat (beach, hot bath, shower, sauna), physical activity, and cycling. This will prevent you from hemorrhages, and will achieve qualitative and rapid aesthetic result.

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
Preparing for the procedure involves consulting a specialist who must make sure that a woman needs this procedure and she is ready for it psychologically and physically.

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