The female body should be beautiful including its intimate areas. It is the attractive appearance of the external genitalia that makes a woman more sexual for her partner. The emerged problems with an intimate area can become the key reason why your personal relationships deteriorate and your psychological complexes develop. The relatively new field of plastic surgery — labioplasty – allows to effectively eliminate the defects in this area.

Labioplasty is performed when a woman is dissatisfied with the size and shape of her labia, their asymmetry, and painful sensations when walking or doing sports.

The correction of the labia performed at GRACE by the leading surgeons in the field of intimate plastic is characterised by a rapid performance, immediate results, and a lasting effect.

Our approach to labioplasty

  • Choosing the most natural ultimate results taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient.
  • Specific attention to the patient’s safety. Follow-up by the lead anesthesiologist of Ukraine.
  • Individual approach to choosing the labiaplasty techniques.
  • Use of the finest surgical threads, which dissolve independently.
  • Concern about the patient’s comfort.
  • Reduction of rehabilitation period 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

What is labiaplasty?
The operation is performed in order to change the size and/or shape of the small and large labia.
Labioplasty is an outpatient, atraumatic surgery conducted in the setting of day patient treatment.

Duration of surgery:  20-40 minutes

Rehabilitation:  3 weeks

Plastic surgery of the small labia (labiaplasty)
Labiaplasty is an operation performed in order to change the size and/or shape of the small and large labia.

Normally, the large labia cover the small labia and protect the vulva. This provides protection of the gentle small labia from friction, penetration of infectious agents, and thermal factors. In the overwhelming majority of girls and young women, the vulva has exactly that appearance which is traditionally associated with youth and the woman health, and, therefore, is sexually attractive.

However, over time (especially after pregnancy and childbirth), small labia lengthen (and often asymmetrically) while large labia lose their fat layer and become loose and wrinkled. The vulva at the same time loses its original appearance that can affect the aesthetic self-esteem and sexual attractiveness of a woman.

Indications for labiaplasty

  •  Aesthetic dissatisfaction with the size and/or shape of the labia.
  •  After childbirth, weight loss, or in the case of hormonal changes (menopause, etc.).
  • Physical discomfort (during sex, when wearing tight clothing, riding a bicycle or in a saddle, etc.) caused by the elongated labia.

Possible complications
Potential risks of labiaplasty include possible bruising, swelling, and discomfort.

However, at GRACE, the ten-year experience of physicians, the use of high-quality technologies and medications and careful approach to the safety minimise the incidence of the above-listed risks.
Self-preparation for surgery

  •  14 days before surgery, you should stop taking hormones and aspirin-containing drugs. In case this cannot be done, it is necessary to tell the surgeon about the systematic administration of these medications. Simultaneously, you should quit smoking or minimise it up to 2 cigarettes a day.
  • 7 days before surgery, it is necessary to exclude spiced and fatty foods as well as stop drinking alcohol.
  • In the evening before surgery, you should not take any food as for safe anesthesia, the stomach must be empty before surgery.
  • In the morning on the day of surgery, when arriving at the clinic, you should have comfortable clothes, personal hygiene products, spare underwear and all necessary documents and test results with you.

The operation is not performed during the menstrual period. On the day of labioplasty, your mental and  physical state should be in healthy. In the preoperative period, light physical exercises are advised: long walks, jogging, training in the gym. In addition, attention should be paid to adequate rest and balanced nutrition. In some cases, the intake of vitamins or, in the case of serious operations, preparations containing iron are prescribed.

Specific aspects of the postoperative period

  • During first 2 days, a patient should stay in the inpatient unit and have rest. In the case of painful sensations, the doctor prescribes her painkillers.
  • During 2 weeks, sexual abstinence is recommended as well as avoiding water procedures (swimming, especially in the reservoirs, bathing) and physical exercises.

During the rehabilitation period, it is required to avoid such exercises as squats and usage of hygienic tampons. The postoperative wound should be treated with antiseptic solutions. Food rich in vitamins, microelements and all necessary substances should be included in a patient’s diet while avoiding food that can provoke constipation.

Will I need re-operation?
You do not need re-operations and they are not planned. However, such a need may occur if there are sudden changes in your weight as a result of hormonal disorders, after repeated childbirth or traumas.
The course of complete rehabilitation

Day 2 Discharge from the inpatient unit, it is allowed to have a shower.
Week 2 Removal of the residual stitches. Returning life to normal
After 1 month  It is allowed to visit the sauna and fitness centres. You can return to an active sexual life.
After 1 month You can evaluate the result of an operation.

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
Before the operation, the consultation is conducted by a gynecologist and anesthesiologist to discuss all issues related to surgery and anesthesia as well as to rule out contraindications for them. We are concerned with the comfort of our patients, therefore we conduct such operations under anesthesia taking into account the extreme sensitivity and delicacy of the women intimate area.

The duration of the initial consultation in GRACE lasts on average 40-50 minutes. This time is necessary  to learn and understand as deeply as possible all the needs and desires of the Patient. During the consultation, we always strive to help the Patient to create a proper understanding of the ultimate result after the labiaplasty.

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