Rejuvenation (anti-aging) of the intimate area

Inevitable flow of time has its significant effect on the attractiveness and aesthetic appearance of the women intimate zone. But plastic surgeons have learned how to reverse the age-related changes with the help of the latest cosmetology techniques. At GRACE, the rejuvenation of the intimate area is carried out using injection technologies, namely administration of the hyaluronic acid medications into the soft tissues of the external genital organs, that contribute to their increase in size and their improved elasticity as well as better elasticity of the skin in this area. The effect is visible immediately after the procedure. In addition to the eliminating the aesthetic defect, this manipulation facilitates the increased the sensitivity of the external genital organs.

What is anti-aging?
Antiaging of the intimate area is a unique injection technique that aims at rejuvenation of the intimate area and improvement of the shape and size of the labia returning to the delicate area its former plumpness, youth and attractiveness.

Duration of surgery: 40 minutes

Rehabilitation: none

Our approach to the anti-aging of the intimate zone

  • The staff will help you to choose the most natural ultmate result taking into account your physiological characteristics
  • You will be provided increased attention to your safety
  • Rehabilitation period is reduced 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics

Intimate contour plastic (filling)
It is an injection technique used to correct the genitalia in order to improve sexual life.
The effect after the procedure
For this procedure, preparations based on hyaluronic acid which is an indispensable component of any tissue are used to bind water and form high-density hydrated polymers that fill the intracellular spaces. Over the years, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissues decreases and this provokes their dehydration and wrinkling.

The injected acid has no antigenic properties or toxic effect and does not cause inflammation, it absorbs slowly and easily builds into the human body making it possible to correct all defects.

Indications for surgery

  • The labia descent and flabbiness.
  • Insufficient development of the large labia.
  • Asymmetry of the labia.
  • Insufficient tone and turgor of the labia.
  • Lack of or loss of capability to have a vaginal orgasm.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Age-related urinary incontinence.

Anti-aging for the improving of sexual life
Reduced sexuality is caused by many factors:

  • Genitalia deformation.
  • Functional disorders.
  • Postpartum loss of libido.
  • Changes in the endocrine profile.
  • Peculiar genitalia structure.

During menopause, there is a deficiency of estrogen in the female body which causes pronounced changes in the labia. The skin of the large labia becomes thinner, atrophies, the tone and elasticity of the vagina decrease, its walls lose their elasticity and their irritancy increases. As a result of the decreased estrogen production, the skin of the vagina becomes thinner and the amount of lubricant produced decreases markedly.

All these changes impact the quality of sexual life, in some cases leading to the sexual abstinence.

As a result of rejuvenating intimate contour plastic surgery, not only sexual dysfunction in men and women is corrected but also their sexual satisfaction improves.
The effect of anti-aging on the sexual life

  • Improved libido.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Growing level of psychological comfort.
  • Better moistening of the genital mucosa.
  • Increased muscle tone of the pelvic region.
  • Significant elimination of the urine incontinence.

Course of rehabilitation
Anti-aging of the intimate zone becomes an alternative to plastic surgery. The procedure is performed under the local anesthesia in contrast to a plastic surgery performed under the general anesthesia that has a serious impact on the health. The advantage of anti-aging is that the result from the procedure is visible instantly, therefore the subsequent rehabilitation is not required.

Plasmolifting of the intimate zone
The procedure involves the injection of plasma with platelets obtained from the blood of the patient. Blood plasma contains platelets enriched with molecules that ensure the restoration of damaged or ageing organs and tissues. Plasma and blood contain essential components (vitamins, proteins, pheromones, hormones) as well as a number of important bioactive substances that promote the rejuvenation of the external genitalia.
Effect after the procedure
The injections of plasma help to reverse the ageing of the external genital organs, normalise tissue metabolism, regulate water balance, stimulate the work of fibroblasts that promote the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. These procedures not only provide cosmetic rejuvenation of the genitals but also activate protective systems of the skin, promoting accelerated healing and tissue restoration.
Preparation for the anti-aging procedures and contraindications to them
When planning the procedure, make decisions according to your menstrual cycle. It is better to conduct rejuvenation a few days before or after the period when the soft tissues are in their normal state, without swelling. This approach also reduces the risk of inflammation.

In most cases, local anesthesia is used, so after the procedure, you can go home.

During a few days, you may feel some discomfort in the intimate area.

During 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to avoid having sauna and steam bath, swimming in the pool, attending solarium, having hot baths.

During 10-14 days, sex is contraindicated; it is necessary to reduce physical activity, especially the exercises that increase the flow of blood in the intimate area (for example, cycling).

Detailed consultation is the key to a successful operation
The primary consultation is conducted by the Head of the Department of Aesthetic Gynecology in GRACE, a Candidate of Medical Sciences, a gynecologist-endocrinologist with 20 years of experience, a doctor of the highest category, a member of international medical organisations.

To ask questions, please contact us by phone: +38 (044) 499-70-00


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