Vaginoplasty (colporrhaphy)

The success of your personal life is influenced by many factors: mutual understanding, respect and support in relationships as well as the opportunity to satisfy each other’s sexual needs, since pleasure from sexual intercourse is one of the decisive factors to build truly strong relationships. Vaginoplasty will bring a new meaning to your intimacy, give you new sensations or return you the lost ones thanks to surgical reconstruction of the vagina which is carried out by highly specialised surgeons at the Clinic of Aesthetic Gynecology GRACE.


  • adjusts the size or volume of the vagina
  • eliminates defects and restores normal anatomical parameters
  • improves sexual functions
  • lasts 60-90 minutes
  • rehabilitation takes 2 months


  • The staff will help you to choose the most natural result taking into account your physiological
  • You will be provided increased attention to your safety
  • Rehabilitation period is reduced 2-3 times in comparison with other clinics.

Indications for operation

  • Vaginal descent.
  • Uterine cervix prolapse.
  • Stretching of the vagina during childbirth.
  • Age-related urinary incontinence due to age-related changes of pelvic organs.
  • Desire to improve sexual life and rejuvenate the vagina

Preparation for surgery

  • 14 days before surgery, you should stop taking hormones and aspirin-containing medications. In case this cannot be done, you must inform your surgeon about the systematic administration of medications.
  •  Also, you should quit smoking or minimise it up to 2 cigarettes a day.
  •  7 days before the surgery, you must exclude spicy and fatty foods from your diet as well as stop drinking alcohol.
  • In the evening before the operation, you should not take any food as for safe anesthesia, your stomach should be empty.
  • On the day of surgery, you should have with you comfortable clothing, personal hygiene products, spare underwear, all necessary documents and test results. Do not take any jewellery as well as any personal hygiene product which will be provided to you at GRACE. If you arrive on your own car, you can leave it the guarded parking on the territory of the centre.

Important to remember

  • The operation is not performed during the menstrual cycle.
  • On the day of surgery, you should be in a state of mental and physical balance, therefore, during the pre-operative period, you are recommended to perform light physical exercises and have long walks in the fresh air. Also, pay special attention to proper rest and balanced nutrition.

During the operation

  • For your safety and comfort, we have equipped the operating room with unique tables with helium patch, heating and special electric blankets. And also we perform thorough disinfection using bacterial filters and laminar coating.
  • Since the operation is conducted under general anesthesia, the latter (specify the definition) will be performed by one of the best anesthesiologists-rehanimatologists in Ukraine with more than 35 years of experience using the drugs of the highest quality and least toxicity.
  • You will be operated using high-tech medical equipment from leading German manufacturers, modern high-quality suture material, certified disposable instruments as well as a highly effective coagulation system that minimises blood loss during operations, helps reduce postoperative swelling and facilitates quick healing and rehabilitation.
  • If you wish, you can combine the vaginal plastic with another operation as GRACE is the only centre of plastic surgery in Ukraine where simultaneous operations are carried out: complex correction of different zones under the same anesthesia which is performed simultaneously by several highly specialised specialists.

After operation

  • You will spend the first 2 days in the intensive care unit. Here, in a warm and cosy atmosphere of a 5-star hotel, the staff of the centre will surround you with attention and care and your health condition will be monitored round-the-clock/ Also, the chief of GRACE will pamper you with an individual menu
  • During 2 weeks you will have to avoid intimacy, water procedures (swimming, bathing), doing sports, such exercises as squats and using hygiene tampons. Include food rich in vitamins, minerals and all the necessary elements in your diet.
  • During 3 weeks, GRACE specialists will change your dressings and conduct routine examinations free of charge and also will remove the stitches after 14 days.
  • During the whole year after the operation, the doctor will monitor your health, check the result of the surgery and the absence of scars as well as diagnose the absence of pathologies.
  • You can be absolutely sure that there will no scars after the vaginoplasty. Even if a scar is present, within 1 year after the operation, GRACE specialists will conduct its correction free of charge

On consultation before operation

  •  The operating gynecologist and anesthesiologist will discuss with you the questions concerning the operation and anesthesia, and exclude all contraindications.
  • Within 40-50 minutes Grace specialists will find out all your desires and their grounds, answer in detail all the question you might have and also help you to create the correct representation of the final result after the vaginoplasty.

Contact us right now and find out the answers to all the questions by phone: +38 (044) 499-70-00