Male Plastic

The main dignity of an ideal man is his perseverance in trying to reach the goal.

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Body with Defined Muscles

Strong Face

Athletic Chest

The highly specialised surgeons at the GRACE Centre will help you to select an individual complex of operation which will help you to achieve the desired athletic body. You will get attractive fitted body contours without starvation diet and exhausting training. You will need healthy diet and active lifestyle only to maintain and preserve for years the results after the plastic surgery at the GRACE Centre.

Active lifestyle and diet will allow you to maintain your ideal body contours and the results of the plastic surgery at the GRACE Centre.

Body with Defined Muscles

Each man struggles to have a young body - beautiful six-pack abs or muscle definition. However, not everyone has the opportunity to achieve this goal as busy lifestyle and tight schedule of work make it difficult to do sports or keep to a diet. Thus, modern plastic surgery at the CRACE Centre offers the men the following procedures to achieve the desired results:

Athletic Chest

Increased breast size in men may indicate gynecomastia , the disease which requires surgical intervention. Having learned your individual case, the doctors at the GRACE Centre will select the appropriate technique for the gynecomastia treatment.


Face and neck plastic surgery in men not only removes the excessive fat deposits, signs of facial ageing, and undesirable defects but also makes the intervention invisible to others including the careful hiding of the incisions as short haircut makes it difficult for men to masque them. At the GRACE Centre, there is a range of plastic surgeries for the male body contouring.