Clients review from 12 ноября 2016

Service: Rhinoplasty
On 08 November 2016, I have spent unforgettable 24 hours at Medical Club
12 ноября 2016
On 08 November 2016, I spent unforgettable 24 hours at Medical Club The reason for this was a plastic surgery. I express my gratitude to the female staff who met me at the reception and the medical staff who were taking care after me. I want to thank Dr. Evgeniy Donets who improved the quality of my life and Tatyana. V. Shevchuk for the quality of my personal life. Especially, I would like to THANK the nurse, Yuliya, who was taking care after me after the surgery. And there is one more thing! It was the best anesthesia and my state after it that I have ever experienced. P.S. For the sake of comfort and professional approach of the whole team, I would applied to this clinic once again. I wish the clinic the further growth and keeping up to the same high level.